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Dear America…(11-2-10)

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Dear America

You should not be allowed to vote.  All of you that voted for these Neocons, do you realize what you did?  I don’t think so.  Here is what I predict for the next 2 years:

You will see the impeachment process of President Obama for crimes against the constitution.  They may not be warranted, and they will not go through, but it will be enough to tarnish his name, just like they tried with President Clinton.

Deadlock between the House and Senate.  Nothing will be passed.  You will see policies that reduce environmental protection (look up the Cuyahoga River, and that will give you a sense where we will head towards), policies that support corporations, and reduce the power of citizens.

You are going to see the attempted repeal of any kind of Wall Street reforms, allowing them to go right back to the policies that crashed the market in the first place.

You are going to see the attempted repeal of Health Care.

You will see the end of tax breaks if they don’t include them for the upper 2%, thus reducing they revenue of the government.

This is going to cause a double dip in the stocks.  The difference is, where last time was a Great Recession, now you are going to see a Great Depression like never before.  This is going to make the past Recession seem like good times.  Start holding on to every last penny, because the next two years and beyond are going to be rough.

Do you really think that any of these Tea Party candidates have a true and honest plan?  Do you?  If so, what is it?  Because they all refuse to speak about their ideas.  They get up there, say their talking points, and rush off stage, refusing any kind of ideas.

You morons who elected these radicals…you should have your voting rights repealed forever.  You have sent this country on a path of that which was never seen before.  You make me want to push for all of us to lose our voting rights.  The fact of the matter is, you are not smart enough, America, to have influence on elections.  You forget too quickly, vote too emotionally, and choose too stupidly to have any rights.  You people that voted for the Tea Party…you are American Terrorists.  Plane and simple.

Way to go, America.

By they way:  You want to know why things are not going faster?  It’s not because President Obama didn’t try.  IT’S BECAUSE THE RIGHT WAS BLOCKING EVER SINGLE BILL THAT CAME THOUGH!  Even ones that both parties agree with!  But it’s all too late now.  You set us on a very dark path with no headlights.  The question is no longer will we crash, it’s how long will it take.


Written by aversas

02/11/2010 at 9:44 PM

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